Online Puzzles

for Algebra and Geometry Students

Entrapment - Rearrange the gray circles so each red circle lies on the midpoint of a segment connecting two gray circles. See also, Geometry Of Entrapment.
Lunar Adventure
Rational Numbers Triangle
N Piece Tangram
Factortris - Plays like Tetris, but you make the shapes..
Eyeballing Game - geometrically, find the midpoint, angle bisector, etc.
Greater Than Sudoku - this is challenging - Click HINT to get started, if needed.
Set Game
FourSight - 3D Tic Tac Toe
Hyper Frame
Decanting Puzzle - To pour, drag and drop. There are 6 levels.
Rush Hour
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by: James R. Olsen, Western Illinois University
updated: November 29, 2011