Online Puzzles

for Middle School/Junior High Students

Hyper Frame
A Maze'n Math from
XL-up Maze - Step out the roman numeral sequence from I to XL (1 to 40). Go to a grey square after each number. You may reuse symbols. Hint: keep an eye on the rolling ticker-tape underneath the grid to show your next goal.
Tipover Crate Game - This is an actual board game, but you can play it online. Directions are included.
Set Game

A Maze'N Math

Parking Zone
Trio Match - Match shapes or colors in a row, diagonal, or column as you drop the colored shapes into the well. In a way, this is a combination of Tetris and Set. While similar to Set, it is easier because there are only two attributes (shape and color) and only 3 values of each.

Coffee Shop

Lunar Lander - Use the space bar for the landing thruster and the left/right arrow keys to spin the lander. Try to land on the blue landing pads.
Znumbers - Move every numbered box to an empty cell by the number indicated on the box. Click the box and the X's will show where it can be moved.
FourSight - 3D Tic Tac Toe
Little Rocketman
Frustrated Farmer - Get the corn, chicken, and fox across the river.
Number Puzzles
Rush Hour
Decanting Puzzle - To pour, drag and drop. There are 6 levels.
Move the Trains
Rational Numbers Triangle
Peg Puzzle or Leapfrog
Higher or Lower Game
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by: James R. Olsen, Western Illinois University
updated: December 16, 2009