Eighth Grade Online Math Games

Broken CalculatorSome buttons do *not* work on the calculator.  Try to get all the numbers from 1 to 15.

Number Card (24)This is the 24 game.  Use all the numbers (and any of the operations) to get 24.  Each of the 4 numbers must be used exactly once.
Number Line Bounce
Use all the numbers given to reach the goal--You *can* make the numbers negative.
Circle 0 The three numbers in each circle need to add up to zero.

Proportions Millionaire

Solve the Proportion - try to will a million dollars!

Area Explorer


Point of View Game3D visualization. Each person (boy, girl, or professor) has their own side view.  Determine the view of each person.
Count the CubesCount the Cubes

Perimeter Explorer


Shape Explorer

Area and Perimeter

Bathroom TilesThree levels of play. Rotations, Reflections, and Translations.  Does Keep score.
My Secret NumberIn this game you are guessing a (secret) number chosen by the computer.  You ask questions, such as "is it even," to logically figure out the number.

Order of Operations

Click the operations in the correct order.

Algebraic Reasoning
Use algebraic reasoning to find the weight of each object; then answer the question.  Three levels of play.

Weigh the Wangdoodles
Use reasoning to figure out the weight of each Wangdoodle.

Late Delivery
Evaluate the expression on the door by plugging in the value for the variable.  Three levels of play.

The Function Machine

Enter a formula; shows inputs, outputs, table, and Graph.

Linear Function Machine Demo video. Video plays in Windows media player, Real Player, etc.  (.wmv file)

By putting in x-values and seeing the y-values, you determine the slope and y-intercept.

Spotting Numbers Demo video. Video plays in Windows media player, Real Player, etc.  (.wmv file)

Find the pattern.  Asnwer the questions at the bottom of the screen.

Saloon SlapFractions, decimals, and percent.  Ring you bell when you see two equal expressions.  Does keep score.  3 levels of play.
Balloon Invaders II
Balloon Invaders game
Fraction (and percent) FourFractions, decimals, and percents.  2-person game (played like the other "Four" games).  Get four in a row to win.
Match Fraction-Decimal-Percent
Fractions, decimals, and percents

Mystery PictureClick the expression, then click the number to reveal the picture.

Estimator FourEstimation.  2-person game (played like the other "Four" games).  Get four in a row to win.
Comparison Estimator
Math BLOXThis is a good game for practicing basic facts.  You pick the operation and numbers to practice.
Maze GameUses x- and y-coordinates. Navigate the yellow robot to the target--without touching a mine!
Venn Diagram Questions
Venn diagrm questions.  Does keep score.
Venn Diagrams
Shade the region(s) called for and check your answer.
Coin ProblemLogic and problem solving
Estimation Valley GolfEstimation Game
Solve For xFind the value to make the equation true.


Scientific NotationThere are two modes. Try them both!

Fish Tank

Probability - three levels.

Tangram Puzzle Note: You can flip (reflect) pieces
Space BlocksConnect 8 cubes to make a solid with surface area equal to 28.
Factor GameThis is a 2-person game about factors of numbers.
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by: James R. Olsen, Western Illinois University
updated: May 24, 2012