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I am a professor of physics at Western Illinois University.



My avocations:

Physics Teaching
  • Courses I am teaching in the Spring of 2010
    • Mathematical Methods in Physics (467)
    • University Physics III (200)
    • Science in Context (482)
  • Courses I have taught at WIU in the past
    • Physics for Society (100)
    • Astronomy (101)
    • Energy and the Environment (150)
    • University Physics I (197) 
    • University Physics II (198)
    • University Physics III (200)
    • Modern Physics (201)
    • Classical Mechanics (311)
    • Engineering Statics and Dynamics (312)
    • Thermodynamics (354)
    • Science in Context (482)
    • Thermal Physics (554)
    • Mathematical Methods in Physics (467/567)

Physics Education Resources:


Studying and teaching the Bible.

I believe that the Bible is
the word of God to his
creation, man.

About me:

West Central Illinois Physics Teacher's Connection (Lesson Plans and Calendar for SPIL!) --

Dr. Boley's physics education resource page

Dr. Barden's Science education resource page

Mathematica Stuff:

Physlets (using EJS):


I am the coordinator of the Pre-Engineering and Pre-Architecture programs at WIU.


These days, I am learning about techniques related to quantum computing using trapped ions.



  1. A bead on a hoop rotating about a horizontal axis: A one-dimensional ponderomotive trap, Andrew K. Johnson and James Rabchuk, American Journal of Physics -- November 2009 -- Volume 77, Issue 11, pp. 1039-1048.
  2. On the transport of atomic ions in linear and multidimensional ion trap arrays, D. Hucul , M. Yeo, W.K. Hensinger, J. Rabchuk, S. Olmschenk, and C. Monroe, Quant. Inf. Comp. 8, 501-578 (2008)
  3. T -junction ion trap array for two-dimensional ion shuttling, storage and manipulation, Hensinger, et al.,Applied Physics Letters, Jan 17th, 2006.
  4. Planar ion trap geometry for microfabrication, Madsen, et al., Applied Physics B (2004).
  5. “The Gauss Rifle and Magnetic Energy”, Rabchuk, J.A., Physics Teacher, Vol. 41 # 3, (2003).
  6. "Receptivity to harmonic forcing of a finite-width mixing layer just downstream of the trailing edge of a flat plate," Rabchuk, J.A., Physics of Fluids, 12(7) (2000).

Selected Presentations

  1. James Rabchuk, "Novel Ion Traps,(linked to pdf of presentation)" 2nd Trapped Ion Quantum Computing Workshop, NIST at Boulder, Co, Feb. 21-24, 2006
  2. James Rabchuk, "Fields and Ion Dynamics in Novel Ion Traps," Midwest Cold Atom Workshop, UIUC Champaign-Urbana, Nov. 18, 2005.
  3. Jacob Burress and James Rabchuk, “Simulations of Ion Transport in T-shaped RF-Paul Traps”, APS March Meeting, 2005
  4. Jacob Burress and James Rabchuk, “Deterministic Transport of Ions in a Linear Paul Trap,” APS March Meeting, 2004.
  5. Brad Norkewicz and James Rabchuk, “Mathematical simulations of a mechanical analogue to RF ion trapping,” ISAAPT Spring meeting, 2004.
  6. Laurie Pichla and James Rabchuk, AA Scientific Approach to Doing Science Outreach Programs?@ APS  April Meeting, 2002.
  7. James C. Gumbart and James Rabchuk, “Using the Adjoint Operator to Solve Fluid-Flow Stability Problems,” APS March 2002.
  8. Rabchuk, J.A. and Yoshimi Ikeuchi, “The Evolution of a 180 Degree Domain Wall in a Magnetoelastic Material under Applied Shear Stress.” 8th Joint MMM-Intermag Conference, Jan 2001.








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