Sample prospectus

What is a prospectus? A quote from the assignment:

A short statement (500 words) which names the option you select, provides details about the particular path you will take, describes your expected format and approach, includes any questions you have about the project, and outlines the sources which you’re considering. While not the final word on your project, your prospectus should show you have ensured the feasibility of your idea by thinking it over carefully.

Here are a couple samples.

Option one

For my final project, I will be creating a web presence for my church, St. Urban of the Fields. A lot of churches have web sites but most are not updated frequently and thus offer very little value to the end user who attends church and hears the pastor’s announcements and/or picks up a bulletin. I plan to create a presence which offers value by the following means:

First, I will design and code a typical web site which offers basic information about St. Urban’s—directions, a brief statement of our theology and beliefs, a biography of Pastor Timothy Tebow, service hours, directions to the church, etc. I will be working directly with Tim to get the content and post it.

However, the most important part of the site will be a weblog which uses WordPress. The church will use WordPress to accomplish the following goals:

We will host the weblog on the same ISP the church uses under the same domain so we can be assured that users who use filtering software can get access. (We don’t want to be on or because some of the content there doesn’t meet our standards.) I will do all the work needed to get the weblog up and running, but I will need some help, I’m sure! For example, I want to make sure the most recent posts are on the front page, but I don’t want the whole site to be a weblog. How can I do that?

I will then train Pastor Tim, Rhonda, the church secretary, and several of the deacons and other folks who are active in the church how to use WordPress. I will create and post some basic documentation so they can make posts which have attachments, etc. Rhonda and at least two of the deacons are very good with computers, so I know the church will have help there in the long run (it will be sustainable).

When I meet with the deacons to show them WordPress I am going to interview them about other things St. Urban’s needs. That will determine how I finish up the project. For example, maybe they want a calendar, a set of links which are appropriate for our parishoners, a photo galllery, information about our financials, etc. Also, I will distribute a quick survey to 20 parishoners and ask them what they want to get from the church. The combination should point to user needs.

I still have a lot of questions, but I think once I begin developing the site and start working with Pastor Tim and Rhonda and getting feedback from you, I will be able to narrow things down and make a great presence for St. Urban’s.

Option two

If you're interested in the second option, have a look at the second sample prospectus I posted for my other class.

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