Online journals for Physics students

This is a list of links to online resources, mostly journals, of interest to physics students 

It may be outdated, I welcome corrections and additions.

American Physical Society journals

APS journals:
APS PROLA Physical Review Online Archive: 
APS PROLA Xref search: 

AAPT: American J. of Physics: 

American Institute of Physics 

Scitation sign-up page: 

Institute of Physics

IOP electronic journals: 

Optical Society of America: 

American Chemical Society:

UMI Dissertations and Theses: (you can search and look at titles without ordering)

Science Direct: 

Surface Science: 

Surface and Interface Analysis:

Wiley Interscience journals in physics: 

JSTOR General Science Collection: 

Google scholar: 

Compound Semiconductors Online: 

IEEE Photonics Technology Letters: 

IEEE J. of Lightwave Technology: 

IEEE journals (browse): 

Laser Focus World: 

Optics Infobase (database): 

NASA Astrophysics Data System: 

Arxiv (online archive of mostly theoretical physics):  (Scientific American, etc by subscription)

Quantum Information and Computation, online contents: 

Royal Society: 

Springer Link (journals, books): 

Taylor & Francis
journals in physics: 

Virtual J. of Quantum Information: 

Qwiki (quantum info wiki)